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20th Works with Russian Engineer Unit in Bosnia
(Story and photos)

Buiding Highways to Peace in the Central Highlands
(Story and photos)

(UPI Story - 12 Feb 70)

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This site, and the sites it links to, gave me a new perspective.

Anybody going to Washington D.C.?

The U.S. Army's Center for Military History doesn't have a lot online about the 20th, but it has untranscribed tapes of exit interviews with LTC Richard Robinson, commander, and Maj. J. Briggs, XO, of the 20th Engineer Battalion.

The brief synopsis is:

"VNIT-770 20th Engineer Battalion

"Exit interviews with LTC Richard Robinson, Commander, 20th Engineer Battalion; and MAJ J. Briggs, Executive Officer. Both officers discuss their experiences working in the battalion. Interview by Corps of Engineers Historian. "

That's not a lot to go on, but the only way to know more is for someone to listen to and copy or transcribe the tapes.

Contact this site's Webmaster, Ed Gregory, if you will be in D.C. and can spend a bit of time chasing down this tape. If someone can get the tape, I can take care of the transcription.

To find out what is involved, you can call the CMH's Historical Resources Branch at

(Posted July 31, 2002)